Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lt Col Charles Anderson VC Battle of Muar

Lt Col Charles Anderson 2/19 Batt 22nd Bde 8th Div (AIF) was also awarded the VC at Muar River Malaya 18-22/01/1942

Lt Col Anderson was in command of a small force sent to restore a vital position and to assist the brigade.
His force destroyed 10 Japanese tanks.

Later cut off they defeated persistent attacks on his position from air and ground forces and forced his way through enemy line to a depth of 15 miles.

He was again surrounded and subject to very heavy and frequent attacks resulting in severe casualties and personally led an attack with great gallantry on the enemy, who were holding a bridge and succeeded in destroying 4 guns. One company singing "Waltzing Matilda" as they attacked

Lt Col Anderson through all this fighting protected his wounded and refused to leave them (those later taken prisoner were tortured and killed)

The fighting lasted 4 days and he set a magnificent example of brave determination and outstanding courage.
Of the 2/19th only 271 reached Yong Peng after withdrawing through enemy lines. The collapse of the Indian 45th Brigade led to these events.

Lt Col Charles Anderson was taken prisoner in Singapore, survived and became a Federal Member of Parliament

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