Monday, June 22, 2009

Japanese Army comfort station Kuala pilah

To satisfy the sexual need of the Imperial Japanese Army, the Japanese government set up two Comfort Houses in Kuala Pilah. It is a brothel consist of "Comfort women" who are unwilling young girls and women abducted from their home and worked as sex slave for the Imperial Army. One of the comfort house is just a stone throw away from the officer's house within the TMS school compound. It is used to entertain higher ranking officers. Another comfort house was located in Kuala Pilah town's terraced shop lot. It is for entertainment of "small soldiers" (low rank).

The shop lot in Tung Yen Road which was used as brothel is still lived in by locals. The actual lot number will not be revealed for obvious reason.

Below is extract of report by Professor Hayashi Hirofumi from Kanto-Gakuin University who is a researcher in Japanese occupation of Southeast Asia and Japanese war crimes and war crimes trials including comfort women


In the small towns Japanese troops recruited comfort women themselves. In Kuala Pilah, a town in South Malaya, in March, 1942, when the Japanese army was carrying out clean-up operations, in other words, the massacre of Chinese in this district, the garrison commander ordered the leader of the town to recruit comfort women. Fearing that he would be beheaded if he refused, the leader recruited 18 women from other towns and handed them over to the Japanese garrison. From the fact that they wept and pleaded again and again with him to be allowed to return home, we may presume that local leaders had tricked them under the threat of the Japanese army.

Some cases of forcible abduction have been reported. According to the testimony of a Malayan woman, she was abducted from her home while her brother was being killed, raped by Japanese soldiers and forced to become a comfort woman. Such cases as the above-mentioned refer to Malaya, but there were similar cases in other Japanese territories in South East Asia.

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