Monday, July 6, 2009

Japanese Mitsubishi G3M Bomber wreck off Kuantan

In the book called Fortnight Of Infamy, there was a chapter about the attack of the Kuantan Air base by 9 Japanese Bombers G3M Nell. During the raid, the Japanese bombers were intercepted by a lone RAAF Hudson returning on a reconnaisance patrol. Apparently one of the Japanese bombers was shot down during the attack. The RAAF No.8 Squadron Hudson commandered by Ft Lt Ron Widmer claimed he shot down one of the enemy planes. This was however not confirmed until much later. In 1996, a wreck belonging to the Jap bomber was found 25 miles from Kuantan. It's unclear till today if the wreck was the Japanese bomber that Ft Lt R Wilmer shot down.

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