Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chevrolet C60L truck

As a kid I use to come across this monstrous timber trucks that look very odd. They seemed like some tough macho trucks only real men can handle. Little did I know a many years later that they were ex WW2 veterans who witness the harrowing years. After more than 60 over years this old veterans are still soldiering on.


  1. Dear BORN CRAZEE,

    Just to clarify, the 3rd picture from top is not the Chevy trucks.

    That kind of truck which is a custom made mostly by local foundry for a special purpose in the construction site.

    Commonly called 'lori hantu' or 'lori combat'. Actually it is a Japanese truck chassis been redesign to make it suitable for hardcore purpose. Most of it using V8 engines and modified brake system so it can be easily handle greater weight whilst going down hill.

    To be frank, I am truck (and bus) enthusiast.


    1. Abang Zul,

      Thanks for the info. You are right. they looked a bit off from the actual chevy lorries...