Friday, August 14, 2009

Citations of the Japanese Army-5th Division

Here are some article about the Japanese side of the war. Units were awarded for their gallantry in the invasion. We read a lot about the Victoria Cross medals won by the allied army but very little was written about the Japanese side.

Citations are a very high distinction in the Japanese Army, and are usually awarded to formations and units, they are conferred on individuals only for exceptional gallantry. below are citaions awarded by Commander Tomoyuki Yamashita 15 February 1942.

Fifth Division
The 5th Division under the leadership of Lt General Matsui, carried out the landing in southern Thailand at the commencement of the operations against Singapore. Under heavy rain and intense heat, marshes, swamps and dense jungle, the division repaired more than 200 bridges, broke through enemy strongholds. Advancing more than eleven hundred kilometres, it took possesion of Johore Bahru and finally driving out the British forces from Malaya.

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